Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hello Again! Catch Up Post.

Hi Guys
I know it's been ages since I posted anything new here.  Some of my posts explained that I spent quite a lot of time locked in chastity for the last 5 years or so. Not continuously all that time I should say, but long enough to go without masturbating for long periods!
If anyone's wondering, my longest time locked was 200 days from November 29th 2012 to June 17th 2013 btw, but I was also locked last year from May 2nd to August 29th 2016!

Anyway, since then I have been unlocked and free to continue my masturbation addiction!  Hooray!
I've been jacking on my cam with guys who like to watch, and some who also like to cam back, and I've also recently started to post naked pictures of myself in my Tumblr blog with my name on them!  This had been a big turn-on for me, and therefore has caused my penis to get hard a lot, necessitating some dedicated rubbing before I go to sleep at night!!
Guys who have seen my pix have also contacted me through my email and become involved in helping me expose myself in even more places [online] and there has been quite a lot of demand for me to shave my body smooth "because it makes me look like a fag" they say!  So being a sub [that will never change!] I have been doing that too, which leads to even more masturbation!!

So that's where we are right now!  For those interested in seeing my pix there, this is my Tumblr.  Hopefully that link will work for all, but if not, go to Tumblr first and search for me there.   Whatever way you get there, have fun!  You can even find my real name, email addresses and phone number there if you look hard enough!!

As always, it will be great to hear from you guys with your thoughts - and of course anything concerning your masturbation!!!   I'm sorry again for being away so long!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Special Notice Update

The changes Google were intending to make regarding adult content in blogs have now been cancelled, so it looks like we can carry on as before.  Hooray!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Special Notice

Due to restrictions being imposed in March 2015 by Google, this blog can no longer continue in it's present form. 
Posts which do not fit in with Google's new rules will be made 'private' and therefore only visible to me.
If anyone wants to ensure that we remain in contact, please make a note of my email addresses so that we may keep in touch in the event of the blog disappearing.
Write to me at:

Thanks everyone for your support over the years this blog has been in existence.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Other Masturbators

Here's the email address of another chronic masturbator I just heard from.  John is out there waiting to hear from you now!  Mail him at

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Dick Pix Day 5

So here's the last pic in this little set of photos taken by someone watching me jacking on my webcam. 

As can be seen, my penis is pointing straight up here and I've moved my hands out of the way to give everyone a better view!  What an exhib ;)

The only other shot that could follow this is if I'd reached that orgasmic stage where my cum starts overflowing by itself without me touching my dick!    So far though, nobody's been around to record that moment!!  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Dick Pix Day 4

Well here's the next photo showing my dick at the next stage of it's development during a bate session!
As you can see, it is now just above horizontal, and hard enough to be able to stand up by itself.
With my glans fully exposed and my foreskin completely out of the way, it actually looks in this photo that I could be cut, which makes me look even more exposed I think! 

Karl's Blog

A friend I write to about masturbation has written a blog on how he became the addicted masturbator he is today. Karl asked me if I would post what he says here, and I am happy to do that.
Feel free to comment here on my blog, or direct to Karl if you prefer, who is happy to receive personal comments here:

"I will only write about my early masturbation experiences. I was at a boarding school at 8, so discovered the pleasures of mutual fondling.  However just before I left the school for good when I was 11, I saw one of my friends stroking his own hard cock.  Shortly after at home I tried the same thing, sliding the skin up and down my hard cock and loved it, but nothing happened.  A few weeks later I carried on until whoof… I had an enormous orgasm, my cock went limp and I was sore at the end for days.  I hadn’t clue what it was about, but, yes you’ve guessed, I tried again and this time it was lovely.  From that day on I couldn’t stop.  When I was 12 I tried to give up as I was feeling guilty after I had come, and managed about 3 weeks.  Then the need overcame me again and I started once more.  

Even though I had started again in my early teens, I used to be driven mad by masturbation, trying to say “no” each time, but as my resistance increased so did the desire in my cock as it got harder and harder, until after about half an hour or more of resisting I was driven mad and “gave in” and had a wonderful relief followed by guilt.  Then slowly over the years I began to resist less, so that when I felt the need for sexual relief I masturbated without worrying about it, but always with some guilt feeling afterwards.  However at that time I was using masturbation to get sexual relief, so I was usually fantasising about sex with someone else, usually one of the girls I kew.  However I couldn’t do without masturbating and by the time I was in my 20s was averaging about 3 times a day. 

I am not gay, and when I began masturbating in my very early teens all I could think of was different fantasies, mainly about fucking girls I fancied. In other words in my fantasies I wasn’t actually masturbating, I was indulging in whatever the fantasy happened to be. It was like that for a long time, especially after I started fucking girls for real. I needed to masturbate to get relief and I still fantasised about fucking girls, looking at different porn to help my fantasies. 

However slowly I found I had sessions where I did not fantasise, but my mind emptied of thoughts and fantasies, and I relaxed back and focussed more on my body and the fabulous sensations I was experiencing and the gorgeous highs I got as I built up to ejaculating. That’s when I began to experiment with different routines, and to slow it down so I could enjoy it all for much longer. I then discovered not only did the sensations last for much longer but they were far more intense, and I was even getting quite high on cock so that was the only thing which existed, almost in a trance. I still found though that I was very frustrated if I couldn’t eventually ejaculate. 

Around that point I then discovered there were books and mags about masturbation and how to do it and improve it, which I got and began to study. Not only did I discover different techniques, but I found that reading about masturbation and looking at masturbation pics really turned me on to masturbate. More and more I found that, to me, masturbation was becoming a complete sex form in itself, and that often when I felt like sex, it was masturbation I wanted and not to fuck girls. I even found that after I had fucked a girl, I then had to masturbate later to become really satisfied. 

This continued slowly over the years, until quite suddenly, I realised not only was I chronically addicted to masturbation, but that I was a very serious masturbator, and that often it was masturbation I wanted rather than other forms of sex. I even found when I fantasised when masturbating they were masturbation fantasies involving both men and women masturbating rather than other sex. Along came the internet and I realised there many other serious masturbators out there (usually men) and that they felt the same as me. 

That’s where I got led into mutual masturbation (but nothing more than that), as I found that sharing masturbation with another masturbator who felt just the same increased the masturbation experience even more. Masturbating another cock is an incredible experience, you can feel it throbbing in your hand in a way you can’t with your own cock, and it’s wonderful seeing the other guy build up to a climax and then ejaculating Being masturbated by another guy who is a masturbation addict, too, is wonderful, especially realising the person doing it knows exactly what you are experiencing and what to do, especially as the sperm builds up before ejaculating. I’ve been masturbated by women many times but it is impossible for them to realise what is happening as they haven’t the relevant bits -- most I have experienced just bash away hoping I would come eventually."